2nd week of July

7/12 one quilt awarded

7/13 LOTS more quilts made

7/14 another quilt awarded   IMG_28161

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First week of July is busy

After presenting quilts at the Independence day event, we starting making quilts again on 7/6 and also awarded a quilt.

July 7 & 8 two quilts were presented at the SAR convention

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July 4, 2017 Big Celebration

We drove to Riverside to do a group of 31 Veterans quilts. They had 5 WWII and all but one could come to the podium for their award. There were also 13 Korea Veterans. And, the rest were all Vietnam Veterans. They even had an Uncle Sam and a Betsy Ross in attendence.

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end of June is busy

Long Beach Living magazine did a story on us and even mentioned us on the front cover.



6/24 the Angel Light Academy honored my and my QOV group with an award called Above and Beyond (for people who are angels on earth doing good in the community.)



6/29 a quilt was presented at the Cypress American Legion19510140_1686897854672903_4935717123501941601_n

6/29 We got more press with Grunion GazetteIMG_8696

6/29 we also made quilts and presented quilts

That’s all for this month!


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last of June

6/15 These were the quilts we made–lots of them, then we presented 4!

6/17 I presented a Vietnam Veteran a quiltIMG_8644

6/22 we presented a couple of Green Beret’s in Orange with quilts, one from Korea, one Purple Heart Veteran from Vietnam

then spent the afternoon of 6/22 making lots more quilts




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It’s June

June 1 we made quilts and awarded two as well

June 3 we awarded two quilts at OC SAR

June 4, a quilt I made for a relative of our volunteer. He lives in CT and loves skiing

June 5-6 I was in Colorado Springs for the QOVF convention.

June 8 I delivered 4 quilts to LBVA blind center. Then we had sew day and made quilts

6/10 we presented a quilt at Orange County SARIMG_3190

6/14 I spent Flag Day in Costa Mesa to present a quilt to a WWII POWIMG_8636



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End of May-trying to catch up!1

May 24 we attended a Veteran luncheon in Orange and presented one quilt as well as one to the Navy Seal guest speaker.

May 25 we made quilts

May 27 we attended a family BBQ to present a WWII Veteran with his quilt

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