Surprise presentation

We had a gal Inda, who volunteers with us, who happened to be Mrs CA. She asked about presenting her Dad with a quilt, and we said yes. She surprised him during her wedding reception. PS She is now Mrs United States, and she and her husband still volunteer with us

July 14, another of my volunteers was having her 25th wedding anniversary party and decided to surprise her Veteran relatives with quilts….14 of them. Then she found out there were 4 more to do at a later date!


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Mid July

On July 12, we made more quilts. Amazing to think we have made over 400 quilts so far this year and we’ve already awarded over 300! We are now up to quilt #4943.


And on July 13, we awarded 13 more at Cottonwood Veterans Outreach game NIght.

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On to July

Start the month on July 3 with 44 quilts awarded in one place–over half are WWII and a couple of women who were also WWII. Nice way to celebrate Independence Day!!

7/5/18 we made a few quilts

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6-21-18 we made quilts

6/25 quilt presented–waiting for photos; 6/27 one more awarded

6/28 lots of quilts made

6/29/18 One more award




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Lots more awards in June

6/17/18 for Father’s Day we went to a volunteer’s church to award Veterans with 15 quilts.

6/18/18 we went to Rancho Cucamonga to award quilts mostly to WWII Veterans

6/19 two more quilts awarded

6/20/18 for the 4th day in a row, we awarded MORE quilts. 4 at Fisher House at LBVA and 6 to LBVA blind center.

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June begins

One of my volunteers made a quilt for a relative who is not doing well. It was awarded on 6/3.20180603_114642_1528051602684

6/7/18 we made more quilts

6/8 we took 41 quilts to Bixby Towers to award to their Veterans.

6/1 we made quilts!! surprise

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End of May 2018

5/16 I got an award of recognition from the City of Bellflower

5/17/18 making quilts

5/22/18 AVAG Veterans lunch for Memorial Day and 2 quilt awards

5/24/18 making more quilts


5/25/18 Veteran lunch at Cottonwood and 5 quilts awarded. This was quilte a show, but I need to get photos from another source.

5/30/18 two quilts presented in La Verne.

5/31/18 more quilts were created.


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