Week 1 of Sept

9/1 I took 5 quilts to LBVA, I have a photo of one from a previous group.IMG_2162

9/2 another quilt presented.  2017-09-07 11.27.08

9/7 we awarded a quilt and the 50 year Vietnam pin and made quilts.

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August is over…very busy

IMG_9040.JPGWe had two quilts presented at the OC SAR 50 year anniversary picnic.

8/24 we had our sew day. A Veteran came to get his quilt awarded. Then I left to go to LBVA to do a group of PTSD Veterans quilts. Back to sew day. Then off to Anaheim car show to do another quilt.


8/27 One of my volunteers surprised two friends with quilts

8/28 went to Lake Elsinore to buy fabric. It was 111 degrees and then rain. Stopped for lunch at Pints & Quarts….OMG8-28 P&Q chichen sandwich

8/30 Bike Night at Cypress American Legion and 4 quilts awarded

8/31 Sew day and 5 quilts awarded. That finishes this month!! Total awards so far this year 242 quilts.

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mid-August was busy

Lynn surprised her brother in WA with his quilt at a family reunion

Another of my volunteers had friends who both serve. She presented their quilts 8/13 before the husband was shipped out.

8/17 we had a Vietnam Veteran and member of Buffalo Soldiers get his quilt and the 50 year anniversary pin for Vietnam. AND, we made quilt, imagine that! We had a lot of people on vacation, so it was a slow day.

8/18 we drove to Jurupa to  attend an SAR meeting. One of my volunteers, Uni and a 15 year old student entertained us with Korean dancing and we awarded 3 quilts.




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Start of August

8/3 we started our sew days at a new location–Thompson Park in Bellflower, We had LOTS more room and light to create these quilts:

8/8 one of our volunteers made a quilt for her WWII Dad

8/9 2pm a visit to LBVA Combat Vets PTSD therapy & present quilts (3 were Purple Heart)

8/9 another visit to LBVA Combat PTSD group at 5pm

8/10 we made quilts and presented another one. We surprised him, even though they brought a lot of the family. And, I made a quilt to be used to raise money for Honor Flight Southland.

8/12 one more presentation.  IMG_8972

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Last week of JUly was busy

One quilt got presented in Yucca Valley. Two quilts in Palm Desert (father & son)

July 24 we had 4 quilts for the LBVA PTSD Veterans

7/26 we had a demo booth at the Orange County Fair and got 5 more requests.  The fair runs a challenge for people to make blocks, enter them, then they get donated to us to make quilts.

7/27 Made new quilts and presented two also. The retired MArine had on a cute t-shirt!

7/28 Veterans Game Night at Cottonwood Church and awarding of quilts. Hard to believe this first one served in WWII under Patton!

Seems like this was a very productive month!

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3rd week of July

7/16/17 Presented a quilt to a WWII female

7/19 two more presented in Riverside

7/20 we made LOTS of quilts and presented 4 more…one to a recent Veteran, one to a WWII Veteran, one Vietnam who wanted a Snoopy/Penauts quilt, and another female who wanted whales & dolphins.

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2nd week of July

7/12 one quilt awarded

7/13 LOTS more quilts made

7/14 another quilt awarded   IMG_28161

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