Starting August

8/2 Quilt making

8/7 LBVA blind center got 8 quilts

8/8 quilts awarded at LBVA PTSD

8/9 more quilt making


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End of July

7/25 Five quilts awarded in La Verne

7/26 Back to making more quilts

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New Volunteer

Dean Lund used to do long-arm quilting for us, but his health would no longer allow that. He called to me say he was bored and could he make quilt tops for us. Keep in mind that he was 90 in Jan (and a former teacher).

Dean Lund  then I got this email. Isn’t that cool!

Hi Barbara- I am Dean’s daughter, Jodi. I posted a picture of my dad sewing Quilts of Valor on Facebook and got hundreds of positive responses on him and your organization. Thanks for giving him a purpose!!!

Since mid-July he has already made 5 tops and I gave him more kits to work with this week.

7/16/18 Quilt in El Cajon for a Veteran whos nickname on facebook is Lone Wolf.

7/19 Busy day: started the morning by presenting quilts to Veterans in a nursing home, then made many more quilts and a Veteran gets a quilt with Mrs USA helping, then a volunteer’s family reunion with more quilts presented.


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Surprise presentation

We had a gal Inda, who volunteers with us, who happened to be Mrs CA. She asked about presenting her Dad with a quilt, and we said yes. She surprised him during her wedding reception. PS She is now Mrs United States, and she and her husband still volunteer with us

July 14, another of my volunteers was having her 25th wedding anniversary party and decided to surprise her Veteran relatives with quilts….14 of them. Then she found out there were 4 more to do at a later date!


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Mid July

On July 12, we made more quilts. Amazing to think we have made over 400 quilts so far this year and we’ve already awarded over 300! We are now up to quilt #4943.


And on July 13, we awarded 13 more at Cottonwood Veterans Outreach game NIght.

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On to July

Start the month on July 3 with 44 quilts awarded in one place–over half are WWII and a couple of women who were also WWII. Nice way to celebrate Independence Day!!

7/5/18 we made a few quilts

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6-21-18 we made quilts

6/25 quilt presented–waiting for photos; 6/27 one more awarded

6/28 lots of quilts made

6/29/18 One more award




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