4/21/16 quilts and presentations

GGGRRR…Here’s my story and I’m sticking to it! First, I can only download my camera photos on my laptop. BUT, when I try to use it to update the blog, it doesn’t give me a place to write a new post or edit. Normally my laptop and desktop are networked together, BUT, not this time, so I had no access to those photos when I needed/wanted them. Now, thanks to my computer guru, Walter, I have access again. (PS If anyone has a solultion for this in the future, please let me know…it’s very frustrating….and time consuming!)

Anyway, we had some special Veterans visit us and get their quilts. Two were from the Korean War–one was retired from the military-they were friends of one of our volunteers

.IMG_0087  IMG_0092.JPG

IMG_0079.JPG This Veteran served in Vietnam.

And, we sewed more quilts for the next go-round.


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