Nov 5 & 6 Make some quilts, award some more!

Thursday we got in about 25 quilts from quilters that needed to be trimmed and have binding & lables attached, so they could be finished. We were busy getting quilts for presentations, so not many finished this week

DSCN6912  DSCN6914 DSCN7024 DSCN7025

On Fri Nov 6, we attended At Ease Ministry in Westminster. We had a lovely meal prepared by Naples Rib Company after we presented 4 quilts.


There were a lot of WWII Veterans in attendance–the oldest was almost 102. He’ll get his quilt next time along with many others requested. Many showed up in full uniform.

12191273_10153413088213411_8555032571466964032_o  12186833_10153413093748411_5911972417053116025_o

Here are ALL the Veterans in attendance…………And here is myself and hubby Don.

12189321_10153413093203411_2966341753768410949_o  12194716_10153413087273411_2850625974519213522_o

A good time was had by all and lots of door prizes for everyone!

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