Another busy week. Presentation 9/1 At Ease, sew day and presentations on 9/3

We had some more Veterans at the At Ease Ministry to award quilts to. We also had a WWII Vet who was celebrating his 95th birthday on 9/1. You will see a photo of 4 of the WWII Veterans all over the age of 90–one is actually 99! One of the quilts is going to a Korean War Veteran who has the Congressional Medal of Honor! Happy faces.11224391_10153288120163411_1956750789911246713_o10518576_10153288121423411_3697243234949324280_o   11884997_10153288121373411_5424353742381538791_o 11930840_10153288121293411_2257077038807553396_o11951458_10153288121343411_6658014006239622856_o11888167_10153288121623411_3443497264637840660_o     DSCN6624        DSCN6629 DSCN6630  DSCN6632 11895219_10153288121818411_5412830182900939522_o

On Thurs 9/3 we had our sew day and more presentations! Both were Vietnam Veterans and related to each other. One even had Purple Heart.DSCN6634 DSCN6635 DSCN6636     DSCN6642 DSCN6643 DSCN6644 DSCN6645 DSCN6646 DSCN6647 DSCN6648 DSCN6649 DSCN6650

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