7-30 Record breaking sew day

Wow, we had 6 students working with us. We completed 19 quilts which helped us pass the 3300 mark-we are now at quilt #3317. AND, this was our highest production month EVER a whopping 72 quilts! So much variety, too.

DSCN6439 DSCN6440 DSCN6441 DSCN6442 DSCN6443 DSCN6444 DSCN6445 DSCN6446 DSCN6447 DSCN6448 DSCN6449 DSCN6450 DSCN6451 DSCN6453 DSCN6454 DSCN6455 DSCN6456 DSCN6457 DSCN6458 DSCN6459 DSCN6460 DSCN6461 DSCN6462 DSCN6463 DSCN6464

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One Response to 7-30 Record breaking sew day

  1. PETE NOBLE says:

    WoW! you are a factory!!!! Congratulations on the good work!

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