7/9 Sew Day and Student Volunteers

We had a very productive day while also teaching our Millikan High Student volunteers how to sew and construct a quilt.  We had 7 students participating in the Under Our Wings session.  They worked on magic 9 patch quilts. Stack n whack quilts are always interesting how the pattern & colors work. I love the turquoise and chocolate with green quilt I made from the Southwest Strips pattern.  And the Starstruck pattern with the offset blue star. #3269 is from Missouri Star Quilt Co–this one I made in flannels. #3270 is also Missouri Star Quilt tutorial called Sticks & Stones. Rather than use a jelly roll, I was curious how it would look if I used two colors and scrappy strips…it worked. Earl finished the assembly.DSCN6293  DSCN6309

DSCN6292  DSCN6294 DSCN6296DSCN6265 DSCN6298 DSCN6299 DSCN6300 DSCN6301 DSCN6302 DSCN6303 DSCN6304 DSCN6305 DSCN6306 DSCN6307 DSCN6308

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