4/23 Another SewDay

Nothing too exciting this week happening, just lots of pretty quilts we made! More versions of the Big Star and I tried one with a pinwheel in flannel. Lori did some 25 patches and an eagle panel. My first Bargello quilt–sure looks different in the photo  than I thought it looked in person! We got another magic nine patch done with them cut on the diagonal–totally different look than straight cut at the end of the photos.  Diane copied a flannel quilt in patriotic colors. Sydney finished her Quick Trip in beige and brown.  Pretty nice assortment.  Now to find quilters to get them finished. I already have presentations scheduled in May–several on the 5th, one on the 8th , one on the 9th, one on the 12th, one the 15th, and one the 24th.  Sound like a slow month!  We’ve done 84 so far this year…  Stephanie came to help me set up me shelves in the studio, and it was a disaster, so now back to research and shopping for a different style and start over!DSCN5791DSCN5795DSCN5796DSCN5797DSCN5798DSCN5799DSCN5800DSCN5801DSCN5802DSCN5803DSCN5804DSCN5805

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