More to add to the 4/15 presentation

Dan Tate took a lot of photos which he posted on his facebook page ..

Among the comments is a thank you as well.

I meant to mention in the last post about all the wonderful quilt makers and the generous quilters behind the scenes that allow this to all happen.  Most of the quilts are made by our group that meets in Long Beach, but I have a few friends who can’t come to the sew days, but make quilts at home for us to present.   As you can tell, Lori loves to do things with wildlife and animals, which were quite popular in the offerings. She even quilted some of her own quilts.  Marguerite is in her late 80’s and does a beautiful job of sewing at home. Mary Ann and Thelma get scraps donated in San Diego and create some awesome quilts.  Carol loves doing patriotic quilts and several of her Marine quilts were used.  When Connie came to teach us the Quick Trip, she brought along a few quilts, too, and were enjoyed by the Veterans.  Brenda is one of our fairly new volunteers…and I think this was her first quilt with us.  My buddy Deanna in Pomona took a bunch of 9 patches I had and pieced into a quilt top which was then quilted by Ralph, a Vietnam Vet! Leslie is from Newcastle, Ca and does fabulous work.  Jane, Lynn and I each had a quilt chosen.

Our quilters this time were: Myra in La Mesa, several were done by Paula in Hesperia, Pam from Mesa, AZ, Bonnie in Chandler, AZ, Charmella in Anaheim (who does a ton for us), Ron in NM.  Many times we do not have enough local quilters to keep up with our demands, so they have to be shipped to out of area quilters who are willing to volunteer.  We need to raise funds to cover this expense, too!

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