4-15 lots of presentations–not too taxing–LOTS of photos

Chris, Helga & I went to Victorville to present quilts at the request of Dan Tate from the Don Ferrassee Foundation.  We set up at Sterling Inn….what a beautiful home for seniors.  We presented 27 quilts (more than half were WWII!  And, the stories we heard.  I’ll share some with the photos.  Each Veteran got to choose the quilt that was to be theirs.  We set all the quilts out on the tables. Jennifer from Sterling assisted us with the scheduling of the Veterans.  I was amazed that the patriotic quilts ere not the first chosen!  Chris read the certificate to each Veteran as they got their quilt.  Rewarding day all around.  Lots of smiles and hugs.  Many had never been thanked, so were very appreciative.


DSCN5729  Marvin was in the Air Force from 1952-56

DSCN5732Jaime was in the Marines during Vietnam

DSCN5733 Wayne was in the Army in Vietnam.  He had his service dog Cody with him, so he chose his favorite color blue with dogs on it!

DSCN5734 Floyd served 20 yrs in the Army from 1945-65

DSCN5735 Ivan is a Marine from 1940-41 (married 71 yrs)

DSCN5736Charles was an Air force pilot in Japan & Korea.  His birthday was today–he is 95!

DSCN5737Bob was Army Air Corp WWII

DSCN5739 Ed was Navy Korea

DSCN5741 Jose was Army Korea

DSCN5743Emmitt was Navy VietnamDSCN5744 William was Army Air Corp in So Pacific WWII

DSCN5745Adriane  (our only female Veteran today was Navy 1969-70 Hospital Corpsman

DSCN5746Oarfid was Navy SeaBee WWII and Vietnam.  He entered at 16 years old and was in the So Pacific

DSCN5747 Joe was Air Force from 1946-1966

DSCN5748Omar was a Marine in Iraq for 12 years

DSCN5751  IMG_0955  William was in the Army 1943 and let us wrap him in his quilt!

DSCN5752 Thomas was in the Army in Vietnam

DSCN5753Ivan was Army 1943-1945 and was at Omaha Beach on D-Day as well as the Battle of the Bulge!  What history….

DSCN5755  DSCN5757 DSCN5758 DSCN5759 DSCN5760 DSCN5761Andrew came prepared to share his award from the Korean government.  He was in the Navy in Korea & Vietnam from 1949-1977.  He served at the Marshall Islands, and then was with the Dept of Corrections for 25 years.  Still going strong at 83.

DSCN5762Charles was a Merchant Marine in WWII, then Army in Japan

DSCN5763John was in the Army as a combat engineer during WWII, then got a chance to be a ‘fly boy’ in the Air Force.  Spent time in Okinawa.

DSCN5764 Jack is Navy retired WWII on the USS Hornet

DSCN5765 Scott was Air Force Vietnam 19-70 & 72-89

DSCN5766  Frank Navy & Air Force 1940-45 in the So Pacific in WWII, then stateside for 20 years.

DSCN5767Edward was in Army in Korea and had his son, daughter-in-law and grandson there with him.

DSCN5772  He was US Coast Guard retired and Irish!

DSCN5778  Ray Air Force 1954-59, Navy SeaBees 73-94

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