3-19 & 3-20 Active days

We started off Thursday by having a quilt for a Vietnam Purple Heart Veteran from Catalina.  He has had 20 hole in ones, so he got a golf quilt.  Our quilter did a great job stitching in all the elements regarding golf.

DSCN5647 DSCN5648  Then, Linda came from LA to pick up 10 quilts to quilt for us so we could do more presentations.  We completed some more of our Quick Trips and a few other quilts.  You’ll notice we surpassed the 3125 mark already.

DSCN5649 DSCN5650 DSCN5651 DSCN5653 DSCN5654 DSCN5655 DSCN5656 DSCN5657 DSCN5658 DSCN5659

On Friday Helga & I took a road trip to Laguna to meet a new volunteer quilter who took in 4 of our quilts.  And I photo’s a couple of hers for inspiration.DSCN5660 DSCN5661

Then we went a few blocks further and picked up some fabrics from High Seas Trading Co, who makes cool men’s shirt.  The two guitar and drums quilts above were made from some of his previous scraps.  Now to sort it all out and see what we got!  Thanks!

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