Road to CA-lots of photos

I just got home from ID after my Dad passed away.  It was time to set up our booth and peruse all the quilts and vendors at this 5 day show.  (Had to get a cortisone shot in my right shoulder for tendinitis of the rotator! and then deal with the reactions!)

We even had the creator and quilter of our opportunity quilt there to meet each other!DSCN5262 DSCN5263 DSCN5264 DSCN5265 DSCN5266 DSCN5267 DSCN5268 DSCN5269 DSCN5270 DSCN5271 DSCN5272 DSCN5273 DSCN5274 DSCN5275 DSCN5276 DSCN5277 DSCN5278 DSCN5279 DSCN5280 DSCN5281 DSCN5282 DSCN5283 DSCN5284 DSCN5285 DSCN5286 DSCN5287 DSCN5288 DSCN5289 DSCN5290 DSCN5291 DSCN5292 DSCN5293 DSCN5294 DSCN5295 DSCN5296 DSCN5297 DSCN5298 DSCN5299 DSCN5300 DSCN5301 DSCN5302 DSCN5303 DSCN5304 DSCN5305 DSCN5306 DSCN5307 DSCN5308 DSCN5309 DSCN5310

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