Another presentation from Susan

Susan has friends out of state who served in two branches of the service, so she made a quilt and used the insignia for each branch as back art.  I coordinated through Quilts of Valor to find a person to present the quilt.  It went to the wrong state!  It finally got to the appropriate place and was presented at church!  The Hirata’s seem pleased!

1450937_10153075544557139_4751823138470642185_n 1454685_10153075483177139_8769068401193167327_n 1458501_10153075545147139_6691745917707572231_n 10408587_10153075544607139_6720647761622452116_n 10420383_10153075544847139_8593190748106382513_n 10425480_10153075544992139_6413528115241217040_n 10462892_10153075544932139_2763669021027379751_n 10599479_10153075545457139_3364022724673603562_n 10953196_10153075545547139_5916404173022119726_n 10968302_10153075544777139_6192502172326463493_n 10968492_10153075545287139_7078773072980263356_n

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