Susan’s December presentations

Susan had several friends or relatives who she gifted with quilts during the holidays.  And, to think when I met her last March, she had never made a quilt….look at now!10498263_959084147437298_5648052914121389307_o 10827912_959082237437489_1890627416476466100_o 10896340_10200247095497479_2049121072953985202_o 10900245_959082034104176_3781108646645538886_o 10903838_959082360770810_4282197570149282032_o 10904581_959082780770768_4034352653740842476_o 10911395_959082144104165_5629692800158332355_o 10911405_959080670770979_7575230803048527165_o 10911405_959080670770979_7575230803048527165_o-1 10911511_959081930770853_6178714813871361389_o 10923724_959083654104014_3876965459837344819_o 10926269_959084320770614_2992106359513544947_o 10928927_959082747437438_8634442600306529711_o

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