9-4 New month, more sewing, another presentation

My car is loaded and ready to go to SewVac for our sewing day.  It’s my quilt shop on the move!

Today Benji brought his girlfriend, V to help us.  He actually made his own pillowcase.  And, she sewed a back and started on her own quilt.  I was showing them how to make the Garden Glories I had made last week.  First, Benji needed some nourishment before he could take on the task we were about to assign him.   Charmella brought back more quilts was talking to V about her Doterra for Charmella’s injured legs.  We also got fabric from Scott’s customers who did a trade in!  2914 shows another version of Garden Glories–these strips were already precut at 5″ so had to adjust the pattern a little and add borders.  I made 2915 from samples given to us.  (Sorry, forgot to turn the photos so they aren’t sideways…ooops!)

DSCN0037 DSCN0038 DSCN0039 DSCN0040 DSCN0041DSCN0044 DSCN0042  DSCN0045 DSCN0046 DSCN0047 DSCN0048 DSCN0049 DSCN0050 DSCN0051 DSCN0052 DSCN0053 DSCN0054 DSCN0055 DSCN0056

And, as I was leaving SewVac, Pat asked if I had gotten the things our of the back room.  Jody said–what?  And low and behold someone named Anne from CA had dropped off 6 complete quilts with pillowcases.  One was even dedicated to her WW11 Dad.  So, thank you Anne, whoever and wherever you are!  We got them and I am washing them this morning in preparation for more presentations soon!  So now we have 2,924 quilts made


DSCN0058 DSCN0059 DSCN0060 DSCN0061 DSCN0062 DSCN0063 DSCN0064

Quilts of valor Foundation had a request for a quilt for a Vietnam Vet in Saugus.  It was a little too far for me, so I called on my friend Betty Putzka to do the honors.  I sent her a quilt top and back, she quilted it and then gave it to him today.  Her comment was he was more fascinated with the flag fabric on the back than the pieced front!photo_1 photo_2 photo_3 photo_4

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