6-26 Wounded Warrior Beach Bash at Del Mar Beach (Camp Pendleton) LOTS of photos!

Well, our bags are packed and ready to go (sound familiar?)  Thanks to the volunteers who loaded their cars to make the trek, and spend the day helping to present our hand-made Quilts of Valor to the Wounded Warriors.  It takes a lot to get the booth set up as you can see from the snapshots.  AS you can see, we had more quilts than we had racks to hang them, so some were hanging from the awning, so that they could be seen by the Veterans and they could make their choices.

  Image   ImageImageImage

After the unpacking and setup, the fun began.  Slowly, one by one, they visited our booth and ‘shopped’ for ‘their’ quilt.  After searching and finding the right quilt, we fill out the label with their name, etc.  They posed for their photos, whereas most of our photos are VERY casual.  Doesn’t it look like we are hard at work?  There was a live band, Melody America,, a BBQ, chips from Frito Lay, a group of young cadets to do the opening ceremony, a “Woody Wagon’ car show, and a few other vendors.  Suzie’s husband Gary is part of the Orange County Woodworkers who donated hand-turned pens for us to have the Veterans take.  Several of them said they were aware of the group since they come to Camp Pendleton, and many of the Military members actually had made their own pens!


I thought it was fascinating that the first quilt chosen was a Marine quilt, then a neutral, a few patriotic amongst MANY neutral quilts.  You just never know!

At the end of the day we left 40 quilts with the Chaplain to give to new Wounded Warriors coming into his program.  I’m thankful for all the people who helped make this day possible….from the fabric donations, the quilt top makers, the long arm quilters, the people who do the hand binding, as well as everyone who came out to help. I couldn’t have done it without you!!

Since most of my regulars and a few extras were with me having a day at the beach, Lori had to hold down the fort back in Long Beach at SewVac where they made a few more quilts before she headed out for her fishing trip!  Thanks to those of you behind the seams!!

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One Response to 6-26 Wounded Warrior Beach Bash at Del Mar Beach (Camp Pendleton) LOTS of photos!

  1. Betty says:

    Everyone receiving a quilt seemed so pleased. Thanks for what you do to give some pleasure to our troops.

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