February 20,2014 Sew Day

Well, back to the salt mines making more quilts:

Helga’s version 2 of the Jam mystery

finished up another quilt top from Lakewood High

my version of Jam mystery jelly roll

my second version 3 of jam mystery

Earl’s Army Carpenter Star

rainbow quilt


borders and backs are done on Lakewood High tops

Penny’s scrappy strips

Chris’s Navy Carpenter Star

last high school top for today!

We got a bag of stash donated by Bea from HB and also some fabric samples to sort through. And, Rachel sent us a priority box of fabrics from 1000 Oaks. And, we received a thank you note for one of our quilt presentations.
We got quilts back from Ron Olson that got everyone’s attention. One I made with patriotic fabric had jeeps, helicopters & tanks. He quilted in those same designs which showed really well on the blue flannel back! The gals always enjoy looking to see what Americana symbol he stitched into the quilt. We also got in two quilts from AZ..one quilted and one to quilt.

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