February 6, 2014 Sew Day

Wow, hard to believe that January is gone. Please remember to log your volunteer hours on Cabot Creamery reward page….anytime you shop, sew at our workshops, bind or cut kits at home, it all counts! Picking up donations, delivering quilts, etc. Each individual can qualify for prizes, but so can SoCal QOV based on everyone posting their hours. Here is the link: http://www.rewardvolunteers.coop/individuals/log-time.php#_=_
Some prizes are product, some are cash…I won a LOT of cheese, pudding, syrup and pancake mix, potting pots, etc last summer. Since you are already putting in the time, why not be rewarded?? (besides the hugs we get from Veterans!)
KUDOS to me, Barbara Winkler! Both of my quilt submissions were accepted at Glendale Quilt Show for March. Now to attach hanging sleeves.

Dianne Alley from Lyn Brown’s class made this plaid quilt and I made the back—ready to go to the quilter!

Lori’s Take 5

Lori’s magic nine patch

donated log cabin finished by me

Chris’s patriotic double slice

Here are some of the volunteers at the end of our sew day.

In memoriam: We got this note from a nephew of our quilt recipients from last year—He was the WW11 POW stuck in Germany. I made a quilt with his photos on it. How thoughtful that they let us know. Also shown are his quilt and him opening the quilt.

Dear Barbara:
Our Uncle George passed away last month……he would have turned 98 today…….he loved the quilt you made for him and it is now in the hands of his long time friend and care giver…..thanks again for all you do for our vets!
Fondly, Vince



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