January 9, 2014 Quilt Presentation

We had two Veterans visit us on our sew day at Sew Vac, Ltd in Long Beach to receive their quilts. Here is Ray Castaneda with his wife and some of our volunteer quilt makers. From left: Barbara Winkler, Helga Adam, Earl Wegman, Chris Panos, Lori Andersen in back, Jane Lamar, Rae Holtzendorff in back, Cristina Anderson, and Mika Azaren.

Then we had Dr Mort Chase, his wife, daughter and grandson visit. Mort was a high school dropout who enlisted during WW11. He was a gunner. When he got our, he went back to school, graduated, and became a pathologist.

In between presentations, here are the quilts we created:

My Rainbow Crossroads

Earl’s carpenter Star

Lori’s green 4 patch log cabin

Earls mini tumblers

Ellen Novembers flannel quilt

Lynn’s patriotic squares

Mika’s patriotic squares

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2 Responses to January 9, 2014 Quilt Presentation

  1. Bjo Trimble says:

    Please add me to your blog list. I have donated a lot of fabric to your group, and hope to gather even more this year. — Bjo Trimble, a US Navy vet

  2. SoCalQOV says:

    When you are on the blog at the top right hand corner there should be a blue box that says FOLLOW–click on that and you will get an email every time a new post is made! And, thanks for your service and your fabric!

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