Nov 16, quilt making and three venues for quilt awards

We had a WWII Veteran who happened to be the father of one of my Volunteers. We surprised a female Navy Veteran with a quilt at a breakfast meeting at church. And we had a POW get his quilt along with a couple of special order quilts.

We took Thanksgiving to be with our families and friends. Then on the 30th, we were back to quilt making and one of our quilts was #4,500! Our group has made and presented more quilts than the average state!

So ends our month with a year to date total of 448 quilts given!


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Nov 11 at LB VA

Quilts chosen by 72 Veterans!

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More quilt events for Nov

:Nov 8 was Kaiser Hospice in Downey-two quilts awarded, no photos yet.

Nov 9 was quilt making, and 4 quilts in San Bernardino with the Mayor in attendance.

Nov 10 we had a Veteran’s luncheon at Cottonwood Church. Only one of the Veterans was there to have his quilt awarded. He is a motorcycle enthusiast and this quilt had motorcycle posters on it!

Nov 11 we had three events, so I’ll split them up. SAR in Orange county 1 quilt.OCCSAR Quilt Presentation Nov.__ 2017

That evening was three more in Orange.


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Here we go again–Nov is busy with Veterans Day events!

A couple of quilts from Oct did not get their photos posted, so here we are….

Then there is Nov….Nov 2 we made quilts and presented one.

Nov 3 I was in Irvine for the SAR Congress (Sons of the American Revolution) 4 quilts, too



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October is over

10/21 we had a quilt presented in Seattle to a WWII Veteran. Waiting for photos.

10/26 We had a BUSY day. We started in Los Angeles at the Bob Hope Patriotic ahall awarding quilts to  Veterans who now work with the Probation Dept. Then we headed back to Bellflower for our sew day to make more quilts and also awarded two other Veterans with quilts.


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starting Oct

20170923_091503  Oct 1 we had a quilt award

Oct 5 we made quilts

Oct 7 we had a quilt presented at a family reunion 22496932_10210232157747412_991707782_o

Oct 12 we made even more quilts

A quilt was awarded on the 13th, but no photo yet. More quilts made on the 19th.

ON 10/20 one of our quilts was presented in TX


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We awarded 3 quilts and made more on 9/21.

9/28 we made evne more quilts….now to find long-arm volunteers to quilt all of these so we can fulfill our requests!

9/30 we had a booth at the Bellflower Car Show and awarded 6 Veterans with quilts

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