April begins


4/6/17 We made quilts and presented a quilt to a Vietnam Veteran we met on the Iowa for Vietnam Veteran’s Day

4/7/17 I went to the SAR State Installation and presented 3 quilts

4/9/17 presented a quilt in San Bernardino


4/12/17 a quilt was presented to a LT Col at his JROTC meeting

4/13/17 We made more quilts

4/16/17 Two WWII Veterans got their quilts…one is 100 years old

4/18/17 I took 6 quilts ot LBVA Blind Center and 10 to LBVA Women’s Health Clinic. That makes 88 quilts so far this year in the hands of Veterans who have served us well. And, that makes 10 WWII and 19 women this year!!

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End of March

On March 19, we surprised the Exalted Ruler of Garden Grove Elks Lodge 1952 with a quilt to honor her service in the Air Force. IMG_9505 E 4X6 E

3/23 We made more quilts

3/24 three quilts presented at the LBVA Blind center

3/25 Vietnam Veterans Day celebrated on the USS Iowa with my volunteers, Tom Rosenburg and Lynn Schwarz along with Point Vicente DAR.

3/30 A Marine Veteran gets his quilt at High Seas Trading20170330_112750_001

3/30 made more quilts

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Mid March

3/16 Big Sewing Day


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March is starting

3/2 we made quilts and then I did a presentation to a WWII Veteran at the Garden Grove Elks Lodge.


3/4 Quilts presented at SAR in Louisville, KY

3/8 presentation to a WWII female from the AF getPart

3/9 we made more quilts


3/14 a quilt presentation to a Vietnam Veteran. His friend’s wife made it for him.getPart

That completes the first half of the month…….

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Feb quilts & awards

Sorry, I was out of the loop for a while. I had shoulder surgery on Feb 3 and just got out of the sling this week, but am still lacking use of my arm, so I fell way behind!

Feb 7 I took 5 quilts to LBVA blind center to be awarded at their graduation.

Feb 8 we presented 16 quilts in Palm Desert. Photos to follow. I was given prints, but when I scan they come up at pdf, and I can only import jpeg. Another project for another day (unless someone has a clue what to do!)

Feb 9 we made some more quilts:

2/16 LOTS of quilts:

2/23/17 more quilts:

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2/2 more quilts

This gallery contains 8 photos.

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1/26 quilts, award was 1/28, ooops

This gallery contains 18 photos.

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